Variegated Dungsuree Dwarf Plumeria Grafted

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Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Shipping Note:
All of our grafted Plumeria are currently set to ship alone. That is one per box. Please contact us if you'd like to order more than one. We'll workout a shipping solution for you.
Variegated Dungsuree Dwarf Plumeria Large Well Established Grafted Plants

Perfect in a pot or as a small accent in the landscape

  • Excellent Bloomer
  • Large clusters of medium size flowers
  • Flowers have good substance and lasting ability
  • Strong growth habit
  • Sweet fragrance
  • Well Established Grafted plants offered
  • Certified to ship to California
Will be shipped bare root and defoliated. That means without the pot, potting mix, and the leaves will be removed. This is the safest way. New leaves will regrow quickly in proper conditions.
We strongly suggest FedEx shipping for customers in the southeast, especially within Florida.