Aglaonema Legacy

Aglaonema Legacy

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    davelybob:I haven’t actually seen any mioves with Divine in themPat:The problem with using dye names is that, at least in the , one is not supposed to use “misleading” names, and I don’t know what color any of these plants bloom, and won’t for a long time. Obviously that’s not going to be an issue for quite some time, if ever, but since it takes them so long to reach blooming size, and since a few years is plenty long enough for me to get attached to names, it’s best if I avoid colors altogether, I think.I found a on-line after davelybob’s suggestion, and have been slowly going through the 38,000+ names therein, which I think is going to be more than adequate to name the plants I’ve got so far, plus they overlap somewhat with the drag names (it’s definitely a different sensibility overall, but close), so the plants I have at the moment are probably covered.

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