Cactus, especially “Gymnocalycium” and “Astrophytum”, have always been part of the Durham Botanicals plant collections. We have been collecting, trading, and growing cactus plants for nearly twenty years. Recently we have offered a limited number for sale. Now I am confident that our growing skills and the cactus collection have reached the point where we are ready to start offering our cactus plants for sale on a regular basis.
The offerings will feature Astrophytum and Gymnocalycium with emphasis on collectible mutations. But that’s not all. Select wild type Astrophytum and Gymnocalycium species and other rare variegated cactus plants will be available.
Special Shipping Offer On Cactus
Pay the shipping charge of the largest, and/or heaviest, cactus in your order. All additional cactus plants sent in the same box with the original order are packed and shipped at no additional cost to you.

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  • Astrophytum_asterias_variegated
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  • Astrophytum
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  • astrophytum-asterias-flowering
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  • Gymnocalycium-dsc6090
  • Gymnocalycium-dsc_3955
  • Astrophytum-img_0550
  • Gymnocalycium-cjd3252
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  • Astrophytum_variegated
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