Care for new Adenium

If you’ve just gotten an Adenium in the mail, it will most likely have been sent with bare roots, as this is the preferred method of shipment. There are some things you need to do before introducing it to your home or garden.

Take Care While Removing Your New Adenium From the Box

The first task is removing it from the container. Do so carefully. Most of the time, the Adenium will be covered in paper since it allows the plant to breath.

Let it Settle

Once the Adenium has been taken out of the box, it is time to let the sunshine in. However, you should not expose it to full sun yet. Imagine this, the Adenium was lingering in a dark box while in transit and has not seen direct sunlight for a few days. If you place it in full sun, sunburn is likely to result. Put your new Adenium in a warm spot with indirect sunlight. Do not put it by a window.

It is also a good idea to let it sit for a day or two before potting. Don’t worry, Adeniums can survive for very long periods of time out of the pot. This period of rest will give it a chance to start acclimating so when potted it will be more stable.

Potting Up

It is now time to pot your Adenium. The potting mix should be moist, not wet, and definitely not dry. It is very important that the roots not be exposed to too much moisture at this point. We advise that you pot at the same level the Adenium was previously growing at. Adeniums can be raised to expose more of the caudex, but this is not the ideal time to do so.

Acclimation Time

After you have potted your Adenium, just let it sit in a shaded location without additional water for between 1-2 weeks. This period will vary depending on your conditions (heat and humidity being the major factors) and the size of the plant. Larger plants can obviously withstand much longer periods than smaller ones. After 2 weeks, place it somewhere with a minimum exposure to direct sun. If you take it slowly you should see resumption of growth within a month. Generally it will take 1 one and a half to 2 months before your new Adenium is acclimated to its new environment and ready for full sun. Note: Adeniums may need protection from full sun for a longer time during the periods of strongest sun in arid locals. Humidity, or lack of humidity is again a major factor.

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