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Why Durham Botanicals?

Durham Botanical's GreenhousesDurham Botanical’s Greenhouses

Durham Botanicals is home to hundreds of plant varieties collected throughout the world over the past 30 years, including the tropical Americas, Africa and Southeast Asia. From rare, hard to find Adenium arabicum specimens to more familiar varieties, we offer something for everyone to enjoy. Our selection of Adenium (Desert Roses), succulents, caudiciforms and succulent bonsai plants surely contains a “must have” for the beginner as well as the most learned and discriminating Adenium collectors.

Durham Botanical's Greenhouses

We are fortunate to be located in South Florida. Durham Botanicals enjoys one of the most envied locations in the world to cultivate Adeniums. Our Adeniums enjoy natural sun, rain and mild temperatures year-round, something growers in colder climates can’t provide.

These conditions ensure a steady and consistent rate of growth and development in all our Adeniums which translates into healthier specimens. With these ideal conditions, and more than 30 years growing experience, we can guarantee that all Durham Botanicals Adeniums will be healthy, well acclimated and of the highest quality you can buy anywhere.

Another benefit to our beautiful weather is echoed in the year round availability of Adeniums and shipping. Being able to ship what you need when you would like it is always a plus. Our snow days are surely few and far between.

Durham Botanical's Greenhouses

Packaging your special plant can sometimes be a concern, but not at Durham Botanicals. Our expert packing and speedy shipping will result in a plant as fresh as if you had visited our greenhouse and picked it yourself. We’ve sent plants to nearly every corner of the world, this experience has helped us develop techniques that ensure your plants will arrive in picture perfect condition.

If you are looking for something special and can’t find it here, please contact us. Though we could not possibly list all of our plants in this store we may have exactly what you are looking for in one of our nurseries.

We update our inventory and the information offered frequently, so please come back often and take a look. Please accept our invitation to subscribe to our mailing list using the form on the right. Subscribers will be offered discounts and first shot at Adeniums not offered anywhere else. We hope you enjoy your new plants as much as we enjoy growing them for you!

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